People enjoy traveling and spending their vacations in new and interesting areas, thus the travel, tourism, and timeshare businesses are quite popular. Americans spend billions of dollars each year to ensure they have a pleasant time somewhere nice. Even though this seems like a wonderful concept, getting started can be difficult, especially when it comes to obtaining a timeshare merchant account. Unfortunately, not everyone who wishes to open a merchant account will be able to do so through a bank.


Your goal as a timeshare owner is to ensure that your business functions efficiently. One thing you should do is make it simple for your clients to pay for your services. Cards are one of the most prevalent ways for customers to pay for items, thus you must be able to accept card payments. You’ll need a timeshare merchant account for this, but as previously stated, opening one through a bank may be difficult. If you are having difficulty obtaining a timeshare merchant account, you should contact EDataPay because we know how to resolve such issues.


There have been numerous developments in the travel industry since the internet’s popularity. People now book their vacations online or over the phone rather than visiting a travel agent’s office. It’s no surprise that the internet has become the primary way Americans research and book their flights, hotel stays, cruises, housing, and other vacation needs, with competitive prices and fantastic discounts for all locations and times of year. Customers can reserve rooms online at even small inns and bed and breakfasts. Merchant services that process credit cards for hotels are doing well. Car rental agencies, airlines, airfare comparison websites, and other travel-related businesses all use the internet and credit cards. The online leisure and business travel industry is extremely profitable.


With the travel sector on the increase again, many people are interested in obtaining a timeshare merchant account. Timeshares have a bad reputation in the payment processing industry. Many people who can’t go on vacation try to get their money back when they find they can’t break out of an agreement.

Chargebacks are a common issue for timeshare firms. To reduce risk and preserve their timeshare merchant account, they require the correct chargeback mitigation resources. With the help of innovative technology, you may win disputes and detect chargebacks before they occur. The most critical aspect of any timeshare business is having a team that can assist you in keeping your return and chargeback rates below the bank’s threshold.


How to Purchase a Timeshare?


Some timeshare companies are having difficulties, which may surprise you. Nonetheless, that is the reality. Many banks believe that timeshares, tourism, and travel enterprises represent more risks than other industries. There aren’t many reasons for it, but one of them is that it may result in chargebacks. If you do not have sufficient funds in your merchant account to pay a customer, the bank will do so on your behalf. Traditional financial institutions in the United States, predictably, do not want to deal with a situation like this. As a result, they carefully examine each person who want to open this type of account before agreeing to do so.

You may be certain that several things are crucial to the bank’s employees. If you state that you require a merchant account for the timeshare, your application will be routed to the high-risk pile. What does this imply in practice? This implies that your application could be denied or you could be charged exorbitant fees. So, what are your options? You can tell us what you require by contacting us. We’ll select the best choice for you, which will allow you to accept credit/debit card payments and other payment methods, as well as take use of a number of new features.


Everyone enjoys going on vacation, but excursions, planes, and getaways are expensive and make banks apprehensive. Financial institutions are hesitant to invest in newer or less well-known travel enterprises because they believe the travel industry is too hazardous. Traditional financial banks are hesitant to provide a travel merchant account to a company because to factors such as high ticket costs, cancellations, and a history of chargebacks. Chargebacks occur when credit card issuers request that firms reimburse them for the loss of disputed or fraudulent purchases.

Timeshare payment processing, like any other internet business, frequently requires credit card solutions. Customers prefer to utilize credit because of the benefits and rewards that come with it.

As a result, the business will have to pay fees. It’s no secret that larger organizations have more negotiating power when it comes to cutting prices and securing better pricing.

Companies that sell timeshares might get their rates significantly reduced if they can demonstrate that they sell a large number of units and have done well in the past. Every time you save money, you increase your chances of making money year after year. Using traditional banks exposes your company to the risk of losing all processing. High risk accounts, on the other hand, are tailored to your specific needs.



Travel Sales at Expensive Prices


Hotel suites and seaside resorts are not inexpensive, and if a buyer cancels an order, you are more likely to lose money on a high-ticket sale. Because of this, banks tend to avoid travel merchant accounts in general. Historically, the industry has been affected by the seasons, making it difficult for some new enterprises to maintain a consistent flow of revenue.

Some companies provide various payment options for timeshares. They may collect monthly fees, implement subscription models, or provide discounts on once-a-year purchases. Whatever happens, it’s critical to maintain your transactions consistent and predictable.


How Will Travel Change?

Unfortunately, the merchant services sector considers travel firms, hotels, and airlines to be high-risk since they collect payment for products and services before they are delivered. This issue is exacerbated by the fact that travel is not a physical item and that the majority of credit card transactions are now done online rather than in person. Many of the issues associated with being a high-risk merchant can be avoided if all transactions are conducted through a card swipe machine and signed receipts are kept on file to protect the company and the credit card company in the event that a charge is contested. Chargebacks, a sort of disputed charge, occur frequently in the travel merchant account business.

Travel is set to make a comeback now that new immunizations and therapies are available to everyone. Currently, 64% of Americans are satisfied with domestic travel, while 54% plan to travel more in the next six months. People are more inclined to visit safe locations if they are better informed on what to do in the event of a pandemic. Aside from timeshares, more individuals are anticipated to travel on cruises, stay in hotels, and visit tourist-dependent towns.


People will seek out new places to visit and things to do as the planet expands. Because this need is unavoidable, the business must prepare for a deluge of new online clients. That means you should prepare your website for increased sales. Most businesses are unaware that there are better and worse ways to receive payments.

You must obtain eDataPay, a merchant account provider, to enable your firm to accept card payments, as this is the future of commercial transactions.

How to Apply?

You will find a merchant form to fill out on our website. You are, nevertheless, welcome to call us or send us an email. We are confident that you have many queries about our services. You may find information on what you require for your business to be successful. We would gladly supply you with any information you require.


If your application for a travel and timeshare merchant account is approved, you will be subjected to rigorous inspection by underwriters who will assess the level of risk involved and ensure that your business is legitimate and based on a viable model.

The requirements of various underwriters varied. However, the following are some of the fundamental needs for a merchant account evaluation:

  • Your Social Security or Employee Identification Number
  • A valid government-issued identification document, such as a driver’s license
  • A bank letter / Bank check
  • A chargeback ratio of less than 2%
  • A secure, functional website
  • Your most recent bank statements for a specified time period (according to underwriter’s criteria)

Obtaining a merchant account, particularly for a travel and timeshare firm, is fraught with difficulties.

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