How Credit Cards Payments Online work?

eDataPay credit Cards and ACH Payment Gateway

How payments work? Millions of credit card transactions occur each day around the world. More than 70,000 per second. Yeah that’s a lot. 

So how do Credit cards, ACH, e-Checks payments work?

There are five basic players.  – You, – your bank, – your customer, – your customer’s bank and the eData Payment gateway which connects them all. 

The first step is authorization, which happens when the customer pays.

It can be using a credit card and online transaction, a smartphone or any other connected device eDataPay Gateway verifies with the customer’s bank that the account has enough funds to cover the transaction in
real Time. 

Once it’s verified, a hold is placed on the consumer funds. As we call it: The funds are captured.

You can now hand over or ship your goods or provide your service knowing that you’ll get paid.  As
this happens, several safety measures are taken to avoid fraud and ensure that the transaction is legitimate. This happens so fast that by the time you thank your customer, the transaction will already been verified.

The final step is called “settlement”.  That’s when the money, is transferred from the customer’s bank account into your bank and today even as fast as the same day. And just like that, that transaction is complete. The sale and or service is completed.

Log in to the eDataPay payment gateway to check, verify and download your reports.  Congratulations.

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