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Same Day Processing Funds with True Daily Funding.
Payment Solutions for Your Business. Payments for online and in-person retailers, subscription businesses, software platforms and marketplaces, and everything in between.

Accepting fast, safe and convenient credit and debit cards for cryptocurrency payments .

eDataPay Card Brands and Acquiring banks:

Eliminate most of your processing fees, Flat Rate Only $39 Per Month


eDataPay Introduces 0% Zero Fee Credit Card Processing

cash discount program is a type of credit card processing that passes the cost of acceptance back to customers who choose to pay with a credit card or debit.

New changes in the United States law, alongside our custom-designed software, allow us to help both large & small businesses alike

When you do a $100 in sales, you keep $100

Worldwide payments anywhere, anytime

Safe and Easy Global payments and Money Remittances! Send Money, Remit Money, Transfer Money today!


How much can
you Save?

Use the calculator below for your potential
yearly savings
Annual Credit Card Processing Volume

*Calculation based on yearly credit card processing volume multiplied by 3%


Potential Yearly Savings

Stop spending what you don't need to!
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No Contracts Or Hidden Fees

Don’t cancel with your processor. First, try us RISK-FREE for 30 days

Dual Pricing!

‘Dual Pricing’ is not just for Gas Stations Anymore. True ‘Dual Pricing’ is Now Available for most Brick-and-Mortar Retailers and Restaurants.

Surcharge programs!

A surcharge program involves charging a fee to customers who opt to use credit cards. Every thing is handled for you. The terminal will handle all processing fees automatically at the time of sale.

Zero % Processing Fees !

Stop paying thousands of dollars for others transactions.

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Any business that accepts credit cards can benefit from eDataPay


Point of Sale System Designed to Provide You the Most Reliable and Secure Transactions.



Just for

$50.95/mo $279.99/mo


Flex: Run your business from a mobile POS



Just for

$25.99/mo $49.99/mo


Mini: a small but powerful POS system



Just for

$29.99/mo $44.95/mo

Worldwide payments anywhere, anytime


Social Media Best Practices for B2B Businesses

Make money as Banking & Credit Card Processing Sales Agent

High-Risk Merchant Payment Processing

Get Your Merchant Account Preapproved

High Risk Merchant Payment Processing Solutions

Apply Today, US Banks, EU banks, Latin America and Asia

Accept All Major Credit Cards Regardless of Credit

We Can Get You Approved!

Having trouble getting approved for your high risk merchant account? 

Did you know eDataPay approves 99% of all applicants! With great Local and International Banks. E-wallets processors and Payment providers.

High-Risk Merchant Accounts At Competitive Rates
Here are the industries we support:

Gardeners and landscapers Merchant accounts

Adult Merchant Account

Auto Transport 

Auto Warranty
Bad Credit Merchant Processing
Bail Bonds
Betting Advice
Bitcoins and other Crypto Currency coins
Business Opportunities (“Biz Op”)


Casino and Gambling
CBD Merchant Account
Cigarettes, Pipes, Tobaccos
Collection Agencies
Collector Coins & Stamps
Continuity Subscription Merchant Account
Credit Repair Merchant Account
Dating App Merchant Account
Debt Collection Merchant Account
Debt Relief
Diet Programs
Document Preparation
Dropshipping Merchant Account

E-Cigarettes & Vaporizers
Ecommerce Merchant Account
Educational Seminars
Escort Services
Extended Warranty & Protection
Fiat to Crypto sales
Firearm Merchant Account
Forex Websites 

Fortune Tellers
Gambling Advice
Gift Card & Certificate Websites
Gun & Firearm Stores
Hair Restoration Services
High Volume Merchants
Internet Art Sales
Internet Electronic Sales
Internet Jewelry Sales
Jewelry Sellers
MLM Merchant Account
MOTO (Mail Order, Tele Order)
Moving Brokers
Multi-level Marketing (MLM)
Nonprofits Merchant Account
Nutraceutical Merchant Account
Online Internet Gambling
Online Dating credit card processing
Online Exercise Equipment
Online Herbal & Vitamin
Online Legal Forms
Online Pharmacy
Online School & Education
Online Smoke Shops
PC/Tech Support & Software
Penny Prepaid Cards
Poor Credit Merchants
Recurring & Re-bill Models
Refinance Kits
Social Networking Websites
Sportsbook Merchant Account
Subscriptions & Memberships
Ticket Broker Sales
Tickets brokers Merchant Account
Timeshare Sales
Travel Agency
Travel Merchant Account
Water Purifiers
Web Design & Hosting

High-Risk Merchant Payment Processing

Payments as a Service

Integrations? We have you covered!


Power up your business with full online commerce.

eDataPay One platform for payments all channels.


Accept every payment on one platform & drive conversions anywhere in the world. Start now. Process payments on any device with all popular payment methods and grow your business.


Products and Services

Manage your business with eDataPay powerful apps

Text2Pay Platform

Electronic Invoicing

Risk & Fraud Management

Recurring Billing

Virtual Terminal

Payment Gateway

Smart Terminals


Godaddy Poynt Processing: an all-in-one omnicommerce payment solution.

Accept payments using the world’s first, most advanced smart terminal. With dual touchscreens and 8 hour battery life, Poynt Smart Terminal is every bit as powerful whether on your countertop or on the move.

Industries Served:

Ideal for Pay at the Table Restaurants, On-the-go services


The Smart Clover POS

Payments: Accepts chip, swipe, and contactless payments including Apple Pay®, Google Pay®, and Samsung Pay®

Screen: 14″ high-definition merchant-facing touch screen and 7″ customer-facing touch screen

Receipt printer: High-speed thermal dot receipt printer

Security: Clover Security end-to-end encryption

Camera & Scanner: Dual 5 mega-pixel cameras with scanning software

Connectivity: WiFi and ethernet connectivity

Cash drawer: Includes a bill tray, coin tray, two keys, and a security cable.

PIN Pad: Virtual keypad for PIN entry

Industries Served:

Perfect for stores, offices, and restaurants

Mobile Terminals

The Smart Online POS+

A mobile device and Clover Go are all you need to run your whole business, starting at $49.

  • Take payments anywhere Get paid anywhere with a Clover Go and the app–in your office, at your client’s location, or on the go.
  • Go is tailor-made for you Customize rates for discounts, tips and tax directly through the POS dashboard on your smartphone.
  • Keep your business on track Access your entire transaction history with confidence knowing you’re protected by first-class payment security.

Industries Served:

Perfect for stores, offices, and restaurants

Payment Gateway & Online Sales with VT Portal

The Virtual Terminal

Your eDataPay online portal access comes with every device and is the command center for your business needs! It’s where all of your back office work takes place and where you can control just about everything to make sure your business is running smoothly. Our virtual terminal is a safe and secure, online merchant portal that provides deep-inside analytical tools you need to take your business to the next level.

Industries Served:

Available and perfect for all types of businesses.

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Business Line of Credit & Small Business Loans

Enjoy the flexibility of a revolving line of credit. Draw as you need and pay only for what you use.

eData Capital makes financing for your customers possible
Offer Financing To Your Customers Today.

Let Your Business Offer Products and Services Financing at Zero Risk!

Starting at 0% APR

Grow Your Business with easy payments.
Offer your customer easy and fast instant credit they need to get what they want.
Grow your business by offering to finance your products and services. The data statistics clearly shows consumer financing is a strong or one of the best sales growth engine.

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