Restaurant point of sale POS system

Restaurant point of sale (POS) system

When launching a restaurant, coffee shop, or other foodservice business, your choice of a

payment processor will be very consequential. From the amount you pay to
process credit card transactions to compatible POS systems to mobile card
readers, your processor will have to meet your business needs and accommodate
your goals.

eDataPay’s POS is built for the restaurant industry and has a lot to offer restaurants and
bars. Options include a purpose-built tableside ordering device called eDataPay
Go, mobile ordering, check splitting, customized tip percentage options, menu
creation, digital receipts, time tracking, and advanced reporting, among other
features. And for an extra $25/month to start, you can get access to eDataPay’s
fully integrated loyalty program.


The right restaurant point of sale (POS) system can provide more value to your business
than simply handling orders and payments. eDataPay POS restaurant point of sale
systems provide your business with tools that can increase operational efficiency,
control cost, and improve the bottom line. Our

POS systems are designed for iOS devices so they are perfectly suited for taking orders
tableside and pay-at-the-table convenience. eDataPay POS systems are also
designed to allow you to configure the user interface to help employees work
quickly and accurately.


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