If you need a mobile and easy-to-handle payment processor for on-the-go sales, many credit card readers work with iPhones and iPads. In some cases, you need to get your own merchant account, but many of the best credit card readers for iPhone can also handle credit card, touchless, and, in some cases, digital check payments right from your smartphone.


eDataPay.com offers competitive rates with no monthly fees or upfront costs, yet it provides reliability, security, and cutting-edge features, making it the best overall credit card reader for the iPhone. While it can be more expensive than other providers for small-ticket sales, eDataPay.com makes up for this with top-notch chargeback support, a suite of business management tools, and scalable hardware should you need a full-fledged register in the future.

Want a secure, simple way to process credit card transactions from your iPhone? We have what you’re looking for.


eDataPay Mobile Features

eDataPay tops the charts with 4.63 out of 5 stars. Its pricing, ease of use, and integration capabilities are top-notch, as is its suite of payment options, which includes a virtual terminal and invoicing. In addition, if you expand and find yourself needing payroll, scheduling, or other software, eDataPay has these as well. Its lowest score came from the fact that it does not offer 24/7 phone support.


How We Chose the eData Mobile terminals Best iPhone Credit Card Readers

The best mobile credit card processing services work with both iOS and Android, so we chose those that had the best ratings in the Apple store or were more popular in iOS. Then, we weighed them according to pricing, types of payments provided, additional features they have both on the phone and that you can get extra, how quickly you can access your earnings, and how well it compared to the others on the list in our evaluation and the opinion of users.

eDataPay ranks as the best for features and price. With clear-cut pricing and no contracts, a feature-rich POS system and invoice capabilities, and easy access to your funds, it’s a strong choice for individuals and businesses of all sizes.


Bottom Line

With COVID-19 changing how we do business, it’s important to have a way to accept payments on your mobile phone or iPad for maximum flexibility. The credit card readers we considered not only provide multiple ways to accept on-the-go payments but many have virtual terminals and online options to help.

Overall, for versatility and price, eDataPay mobile phone terminal offer now thru our local US banking providers is our top choice. It can be a little more expensive if you have small transactions, but it’s good for the occasional user or the regular business and can grow with you. Download the eDataPay app and sign up for an account today.


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