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Selling firearms and gun parts is not an easy process. Business owners in this space are finding it increasingly difficult to process card transactions for their items and accessories. If you have plans to sell guns or launch your very own firearms business, you will require a gun friendly credit card processor. That is the only way to ensure that you will be capable of selling firearms securely and generate a profit. Once you find the best payment gateway for your gun broker account, you can then begin promoting and selling your firearms, ammo, and gun accessories without hassle.

Why Credit Card Processing for Gun Dealers is Difficult

Unfortunately, selling guns, ammo, and accessories is extremely difficult as a merchant. Due to various laws, rules, and regulations, selling firearms or accessories can quickly lead to both legal and financial liability issues. Some reasons why traditional payment processors such as Stripe, Square, PayPal, and Braintree will not work with merchants who intend to sell ammo and firearms include:

Benefits of a Gun Friendly Credit Card Processor

Obtaining your firearms merchant account from a gun-friendly credit card processor is a way to begin selling firearms and accessories online and in-store without issue. When you are using a standard payment processor, you run the risk of encountering the following at any time and often without notice:

A Gunbroker Merchant Account You Can Trust

Applying for a merchant account that is suitable for selling guns, ammo, and accessories is possible if you are prepared. There will be a longer application and underwriting process than other industry types. But by gathering pertinent information and being open to change, the process will be easier and get you processing credit cards faster.

EData Financial Group is one of the leading providers of gun friendly merchant accounts. We have the expertise and structure to support businesses of this type when other processors have turned away. With our strong banking relationships and top tier compliance, our payment gateways are seamless, secure, and hassle free. Don’t worry about being shut down for your high risk account. Once you call us, you will be assigned a dedicated account manager who will provide one-on-one guidance before, during, and after your approval.

Although credit card processing for gun dealers is not always easy, it is possible with the best payment gateway for gun broker merchant accounts. Once you have applied for and received approval for your gun merchant account, you can begin selling your items and connecting with customers without the risk of losing your ability to generate and finalize sales.

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